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Privacy Policy

Personal data

A necessary precondition for the beginning of the reconciliation between and you, is the notification on behalf of you of some personal data.
When you make an order, you will be asked for your full name, your address in which the selling products will be sent, your phone number or any other number at your pleasure, for a better service and a better communication in case it is necessary, your e-mail etc. In case you choose your payment to be done by a credit card, the number and the date that expires.
Our company, unswervingly following the principles of the protection of personal data which are anticipated from the relevant laws and the international conventions, work according to the Greek and Community law and keeps your personal data safely., by no means, reveals, publishes, sells or exchanges the personal data and the information you entrust us.
Your personal data, exceptionally, can be published by the company only when it is required by a state authority, court etc, but always keeping the expected by the law procedure.


On your first visit/use of our website, it is possible some information known as cookies to be put on the user’s computer.
These cookies are stoked in the hard disc of the user and contain selected information related to the user’s visit in the website. Cookies keep preferences as the language choice, user’s name or other similar information which otherwise would need often submissions by the user

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